We provide towing for private properties across the NYC area. Business or Residential parking lots we maintain frequently. At Justin’s Towing we will daily maintain and manage your private parking area as you request. Having a business with a parking area and multiple businesses surrounding your business without parking can most of the time mean your parking area is having an issue, Don’t hesitate call us 347-205-5151  and we will be able to handle your parking lot issue. Most of our businesses say that with you guys providing towing services for us, my sales have gone up higher. Great that means we are getting the job done. If you are a property manager managing a residential area with parking that seems to be giving everyone an issue, with residents parking in other residents paid spaces, or strangers from outside sneaking in for a parking space, Don’t hesitate and call us. We will come up with a conclusion on how we can get that matter resolved so everyone is in peace.

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