Blocked Driveway Towing Flushing services

Flushing is located in the northeastern part of Queens, much of the neighborhood being residential. However Downtown Flushing is a large retail and commercial area – being the 4th largest such district in New York City. It is racially diverse with a large portion of Hispanic, Asian, European and African American communities. Its population is around 220,000 and its zip codes are 11351-11390.

Finding your own car trapped in your own driveway can leave you stressed – especially if you plan to go out at and have to be a cartain place at a certain time. People are sometimes insensitive and park their vehicles right in front of your home or business entryway. In this case you can legally remove such a nuisance using the services of blocked driveway towing Flushing in no time.

The 107th and 109th precincts serve the neighborhood of Flushing, therefore, you can call them to summons the vehicle then call us 347-205-5151 to tow away that vehicle.

107thPrecinct_______________________________________________________________(718) 969-5100


109thPrecinct_______________________________________________________________(718) 321-2250

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