Blocked Driveway Towing Glendale

Located in the west-central portion of NYC’s borough of Queens, Glendale is a middle class neighborhood having a population consisting of primarily German, Italian and Irish descent. It is relatively isolated from the NYC Subway system, and with its numerous trees, close proximity to Forest park and inclusion of many cemeteries it has a slightly sleepy quality in contrast to the hustle and bustle of many other places.

Even in places such as Glendale, people make mistakes, and sometimes such mistakes include parking in front of someone else’s driveway; effectively blocking their exit. Well the good news in such a case is that you can easily (and legally) remove such a vehicle from your driveway by calling on Blocked Driveway Towing Glendale services.The 104th precinct serves Glendale, so if you are facing a blocked driveway situation then call them now on

104thPrecinct________________________________________________________(718) 386-3004

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