Kew Gardens Blocked Driveway Towing

Kew Gardens is located in the central area of Queens and is shaped roughly like a triangle bounded in the north by the Jackie Robinson Parkway, to the south by Hillside Avenue, Easy by Van Wyck Expressway and 131st Street and to the west by park Lane. It is an upper-middle class neighborhood with a predominantly Hispanic and White populace. Its zip code is 11415.

Having your driveway being blocked by someone is annoying, but it does happen sometimes. However in a scenario such as this you can legally have the car towed. Call on Blocked Driveway Towing Kew Gardens services to come to your aid.

The 102nd precinct is responsible for controlling the law and order situation in Kew Gardens, therefore, residents can call and report their inconvenience on

102thPrecinct__________________________________________________________________________________________(718) 805-3200

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