Repossession process is difficult to carry on for anyone no matter how strong nerved he or she is. It is a long term investment in the asset and the dreams that are associated with buying a car on lease from bank.
Even if the banks want to get back the leased cars due to non-payment issue then Justin’s Storage & Storage INC is available for repossession services. We will not only provide towing services but take the vehicles to desired destination without damages and scratches. We will try to make this process far easier for banks and for people whose cars have been towed out due to financial situations.

Our Repossession Services

  • Safe Removal of Your Valued Vehicle
  • Easy Way Delivery to Banks
  • Quick Towing Actions
  • Heavy Vehicles to Support the Auto Towing
  • Keeping Your Emotions at High Value
  • Keeping Bank’s Owned Assets All Safe

Junk Service or Charity Donation Towing

Justin’s Towing & Storage INC is not only providing the towing services to banks and to individuals. But we are also here to serve you for removal of non-used old cars from your houses. You want to dispose of an old car due to its problems or simply making a space for new one. Justin Towing & Storage INC will remove that car from your place and either take that to junkyard if you want. If you want to give away your old cars for donation purposes then we will take these to such charity organization. They will sell the old cars and buy gifts for kids or people in dire need of basic things.

Repossessions Services