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There are more than 2 million cars a day competing at any given time for the 1.5 million parking spaces in New York City.

A result? Someone’s driveway is blocked.


1-The driver is exhausted looking for a parking spot.


2- He/she think it is OK to park in someone’s private entrance.

In fact, things aren’t any different than the television show about parking, entitled Parking Wars.

What would happen on the show is, the Philadelphia Parking Authority would see a car parked somewhere obviously illegal, like blocking a hydrant and a driveway, and they would start to write it a ticket. And as soon as they were finishing up, the car owner would show up and try to make excuses like

“Didn’t you see my hazard lights were on?”


“This is what she gets for being a missionary,” one man tells a towing officer who is hauling away his sister’s car for multiple infractions. “She goes to church all the time.”

Difference between a Television show and Reality is that the car owners never shows up in reality but if they show up,they don’t have excuses, they don’t even think they have so obviously broken a law.

Now How Would You Handle the Blocked Driveway Situation?

We have one recommendation for you but before we share it with you, let’s review few approaches taken or posted on social media.
1- One day such an ******* existed that totally blocked our driveway, probably about 2 or so feet in. Myself and a neighbor wanted to leave and neither of us could get out. So I took my truck (Silverado 2500 HD), drove around the back of the building, and up over the back lawn and then around to the front to right in front of the driveway. I pulled out the ol’ tow rope and proceeded to hook up this ******bag’s car to my front bumper. He came to bang on my window moments before I was going to put it into gear and move it for him, screaming like the asshole he was. I advised him he best move the car right now and never park there again or I was gonna drag it down the block to the canal and push it in. He moved and never saw him again.

Sometimes you just have to put your foot down.

2- When someone entirely blocks your driveway, the only “How to deal with it” is you get a drill and you poke holes in the car’s roof until it looks like a colander on wheels.

3- Write this person a letter not a mean one just one stating that you would appreciate if he was a little more careful when it came to parking their car.

4- If they did this once, apparently they will keep on doing it and to me that’s not cool that shows that person does not know the meaning of respect. I hope they acknowledge their mistake and apologize for any inconvenience. I could call the city and get him ticketed and possibly towed. Enforcement depends where you are, but this city is no joke about this stuff and they would be up here in no time.
We certainly will NEVER recommend first two options. You may try the third one but don’t forget the forth option.

Our Recommendation:

Don’t face this challenge, let us handle it for you. Your identity will always remain anonymous and you don’t even have to pay for it.

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