First, be aware that not all tow trucks are the same, Depending on the car you are driving and you may need to know about the type of tow truck that you require. Most people are familiar with the wheel-lift tow truck, Flatbed Tow Truck,  but in some circumstances, other equipment is needed to tow certain vehicles safely. In that case, it is important to ensure that the towing company you call offers different options in their fleet to meet your needs of towing your vehicle.

It is also important to find out whether the towing company offers twenty four hour towing services. Sadly, emergencies do not usually occur at the most convenient of times. When hiring a towing company, you need to know that they will be able to assist you in a timely matter when you need them, regardless of whether that is the middle of the night on a weekend or a holiday.

Try to avoid entrusting your vehicle to a tow truck that shows up without any announcement or that appears in an unmarked vehicle. In some cases, emergency services may dispatch a tow truck, but the best course of action is to have the name and telephone number of a trusted towing company already handy in the event that you need a towing company. A New York City reputable  company should have their medallion Issued by New York city department of consumer affairs displayed on their truck on the left hand side, If a towing truck arrives without that Medallion placed on the truck they are not licensed to tow a car from the roadways of New York City Metropolitan area, With that being said the tow truck towing your vehicle may not have proper Insurance to cover your vehicle in case something gets further damaged while performing the towing service.

As is the case when hiring any towing service, reputation is important when hiring a towing company. Take the time to research towing companies in your local area. Experience is important as well. Your vehicle is likely one of the most expensive assets you own. As such, it is imperative to ensure that you entrust it to only the most experienced, reputable service in the event of an emergency. Once you have found a reliable towing service with a solid reputation, place the company’s number in your contact list on your phone so that you will have it if the time ever comes that you need a towing service. You May Contact us at anytime For questions or anything pertaining to a vehicle being towed

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