Justin’s Towing has GONE GREEN, our goal is to be more efficient to service our customers. Now we can get rid of the old way of paper and pen. We have currently changed our full business phone platform system to Vonage business, with the perks that comes with Vonage our customers will never be placed on hold, and a staff member will be able to assist you quickly when needing a tow truck at anytime. With everything being high tech in this world today our company has joined Towbook. Towbook is a towing software program that contains an app to dispatch a driver, email or text receipts and get business done more efficiently at the push of a button. Due to Towbook we save hundreds of papers used daily. In the near future Justin’s Towing will be creating an app for customers to request a Tow Service anytime, anyplace without even making a phone call.

Justin G



100-01 Liberty ave
Ozone Park NY 11417

  1. April 4, 2020

    Love this

  2. April 5, 2020

    In the present era digital marketing is necessary! I’m all about going green and helping the environment! Justin’s Towing is the best!

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