Blocked Driveway Towing Richmond Hill

A very culturally and racially diverse (and integrated) neighborhood located in the southwestern part of Queens County, Richmond Hill is a modern urban place which is also called Little Guyana or Little Punjab – referring to the large percentage of these populations settled there. It has Kew Gardens in the North, Jamaica to the East, Ozone and South Ozone Park in the South and Woodhaven in the West. Churches, Sikh Centers, Hindu Temples, Synagogues and Mosques thrive side by side in this vibrant community.

Imagine waking up to a beautiful day and then going out to find that your driveway has been blocked by an inconsiderate stranger – your car is basically trapped. This, aside from annoying, is highly inconvenient. Justin’s Towing & Storage inc offers prompt Blocked Driveway Towing service’s 24 Hours a day in Richmond hill Queens and most surrounding areas of New York City. If a vehicle is blocking your active driveway by just a few feet making it hard to access or completely blocking the driveway making it difficult for you to exit or enter You first have to get it ticketed by the NYPD by calling 311 or the local precinct that belongs to your neighborhood. Once the ticket is issued for blocking driveway , you can go ahead and give us a call 347-205-5151 with the address, make and model of the car that is Blocking Your Driveway and well send a tow truck over to you within minutes to get your driveway cleared up for you to be able to access your property.

The 102nd precinct serves the neighborhood of Richmond Hill, whose residents can report any blocked driveway situation by calling the number to have vehicle ticketed first so that we may legally tow it away.
102thPrecinct___________________________________________________________________________________________ (718) 805-3200

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