Do you have your driveway blocked by a stranger in Glendale? Do you want to teach them a lesson?

A Blocked driveway is a prime reason which makes people get late to work or becomes a hurdle to them in grabbing their regular coffee from the nearest Starbucks. But now, the residents of Glendale have nothing to worry as they can teach such an inconsiderate stranger a lesson by reporting them to their local precinct.

The 104th precinct serves Glendale, so if you are facing a blocked driveway situation then call them now on

104thPrecinct                                                                                                                                      (718) 386-3004

Once you get in contact with your local precinct either through call or the online form, they will give that inconsiderate stranger a ticket. You will then need to remove their car from your driveway by calling us.

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