You might have always ignored that Yellow Bar at the entrance of a Parking Garage but it is very difficult for most of the Towing Companies to ignore it.

What does that Yellow Bar with bold letters” LOW CLEARANCE” mean?

For You: If your vehicle’s height is below the number mentioned on that bar, you can park.

For most of the Towing Companies: They CAN NOT enter the Garage or Parking space. Bar need to be raised.

For Us: We have solutions for any level of Clearance. We can safely tow your car out of any Garage or Parking. It was never a Low Bar for us.

Our towing vehicles are well equipped to tow your car and then remove it safely from all sorts of garages. It can work for even below 6 feet. So, anyone who is in trouble with a garage parking and wants to get Justin’s Towing Services then we are all around here for your convenience and cost effective auto towing .

Justin’s Towing Service is a name of reliability and cost effectiveness in provision of low cost solutions to clearance towing services in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Nassau County.

The types of troubles which require the Low Clearance Garage Towing are as follows:

  • Battery gets dead due to being parked for too long.
  • Mechanical damage because you might have parked it long in garage due to weather.
  • While parked, your vehicle is hit by another car.
  • Flat Tire due to non-movement situation

Justin’s Towing is not only carrying the workable solution for the roads and highways. But our Low Clearance Garage Towing is a service that gives all our valuable clients to be stress free. Call our skilled staff members with heavy towing trucks and they will dig your cars out of the low clearance garage. You need to call Justin’s Towing @ 347 205 5151 to get your vehicle out of the strangled places like Low Clearance Garage!!