Has your driveway been blocked by a stranger in Richmond Hill? Do you want to teach them a lesson?

Blocked driveways are increasingly becoming a headache for the residents of Richmond Hill due to which most of the time they are unable to take their car out for a drive, get late in reaching their destinations and aren’t even able to grab a cup of their favorite coffee. But please be advised that if you want to teach the inconsiderate stranger who has blocked your driveway a lesson, then you can report them to your local precinct.

The 102nd precinct serves the neighborhood of Richmond Hill, whose residents can report any blocked driveway situation by calling the number

102thPrecinct___________________________________________________________________________________________  (718) 805-3200

Once you get in contact with your local precinct either through call or the online form, they will give that inconsiderate stranger a ticket. You will then need to remove their car from your driveway by calling us.

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