Since there are a mammoth number of cars on the streets in current times, there are an equal proportion of towing services available – as the probability of a car being rendered immobile is rather high, be it due to accidents or faults with the car system. New York probably leads many places in terms of numbers of cars. People naturally want to hire a towing company quickly after their car breaks down, and in their haste, sometimes they choose the wrong towing company. Many of these companies are unreliable and can be unprofessional even; many of our customers have spoken of the problems they have encountered with other towing agencies, some of which are as follows:

  • The company charged a considerably higher rate than the one quoted over the phone or website
  • The tow truck came much later than was informed by the service on the phone, this can be troublesome if the customer is in a hurry.
  • The driver behaved unprofessionally and in some cases rudely.
  • The towing vehicle seemed uncleaned & worn out.
  • Didn’t make you as the customer comfortable.
  • Failed to provide services as promised.
  • Would not accept any other form of payment then cash / Would not provide me with Reciept.
  • Company had cheapest price, but was not licensed or Insured when damaged my vehicle.

Our towing services will charge you a very reasonable rate without any extra charges, in addition our customers report that we have never been late, and each of our drivers follows a strict code while dealing with customers to make your whole towing experience like no other, And regular maintenance is carried out on each truck. These combined with other factors make our service easily one of the best towing services in New York. Contact Justin’s Towing Anytime 347-205-5151 with trust!