Woodhaven Blocked Driveway Towing services

Woodhaven is situated in the central part of the borough of Queens. Due to its great and thriving tree population – one of the greatest in the borough, it is also called Woodville. It is populated by a wide array of ethnicities, and harbors a population of just over 50000. To add to the green environment prevalent in Kew Gardens, it is bordered in the north by the public Forest Park, making for a tranquil and peaceful place.

Imagine your garage and/or driveway being blocked by a car – and no way of knowing whose car that is. Sometimes this will happen and during this time you might become somewhat annoyed. Fortunately there is an easy way round that – just use Blocked Driveway Towing Woodhaven services..
The 102nd precinct serves the neighborhood of Woodhaven, therefore, the residents can now call and report blocked driveway situations on the number
102thPrecinct__________________________________________________________________________________________ (718) 805-3200

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